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Integrated Fire, Safety, & Quality Solutions

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Improve and harmonise your approach to Fire Safety

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High quality Fire and Safety training solutions

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Integrated Health and Safety and Quality Compliance services

About Us & What We Do

ACT has a team with extensive knowledge and practical experience to ensure the highest levels of Safety and Quality compliance.

We provide specialist Fire Safety advice to establish, develop and maintain protective and preventative measures with detailed Fire Risk Assessment and maintenance of on site equipment to harmonise the complete approach to fire safety and ensure emergency preparedness and compliance.

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We provide high quality training solutions for your business with a range of Fire Safety and Health and Safety courses delivered at your place of work, at our training facility or for your staff to complete online.

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We provide confidence to organisations to meet the standards required to establish and maintain a safe and healthy workplace and provide organisations with business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements that are aligned with an organisation's purpose and strategic direction.

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BAFE warns fire safety should be addressed as soon as possible as we ease out of coronavirus lockdown

With coronavirus lockdown measures in place slowly beginning to ease, BAFE strongly advises that fire safety measures are not overlooked or deferred...

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Fire Risk Assessment Explained

Despite being a Statutory requirement since 2006 we are still often asked to explain the process of Fire Risk Assessment to businesses that are...